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Sep 08 2011

Quick Deft Decisions–Part VIII, Kitchen Cabinets

Back in June H and I took a trip to Cabinets to Go in Colonial Heights, Va.  We had seen the company advertise on HGTV and had also seen the cabinets featured on several HGTV shows.  During our visit to the store we learned that their cabinets are solid wood construction and that they are shipped flat (i.e. have to be assembled upon arrival).  Cabinets to Go has a simple showroom with friendly, helpful staff.  On our first visit we picked out our cabinet door, style and wood.  We decided that a two-tone kitchen cabinet scheme would work best given the forthcoming installation of our new back staircase.  Hence, we went with Findley & Myers Montauk Cherry for the wall cabinets and Findley & Myers Knob Hill Espresso for our base cabinets. 

On my return trip several months later I worked with one of the designers, Justin, on a layout for our kitchen based on my rough measurements.  Designing the layout took almost two hours, but by the end I was pretty satisfied.

A few months thereafter, H and I decided that we were at the point that we needed to order the cabinets, so we decided to first do a price/design comparison at Lowes and also to pay for a contractor to take measurements of our kitchen.  I lucked out at Lowes and found an awesome Kitchen Designer who was willing to spend 45 minutes with me designing our kitchen, knowing all along that we had already also priced a layout with Cabinets to Go.  The designer at Lowes was nice enough and willing to take a shot at our design in hopes of beating the Cabinets to Go pricing and design.  He beat the design hands down (in terms of available cabinet options), but his price was 2 1/2 times the price of Cabinets to Go.

After confirming the measurements of our kitchen I went back to the drawing board and redesigned the layout of our kitchen one evening.  It took me nearly 4 hours to figure out how to layout our kitchen given the limited cabinet options at Cabinets to Go and our weird measurements.  Cabinets to Go keeps their prices low by offering a limited variety of cabinet options, thus there are no odd ball cabinet options and there is no ability to customize cabinets unless you choose to modify them yourself.  This put me in the position of trying to make a round peg fit into a square hole, hence the 4 hour design time.

By the end I was happy with my layout and was also pleased to learn that Cabinets to Go was offering 20% off select cabinet styles through August 30th (including the Espresso finish).  H and I drove down to Cabinets to Go all prepared to place our order only to find out the store didn’t have power!  I had completely forgotten that a lot of Richmond and surrounding areas lost power when Hurricane Irene came through.  Justin, the Cabinets to Go Manager, was nice enough to leave his cell number on the door, so we called him.  He said to e-mail him our design and that he would honor the sale price till the power came back.

We ended up going back to Cabinets to Go, almost a week later once the power came back on and ordered our cabinets.  Justin made some great suggestions and even offered us 10% off the Cherry cabinets that weren’t originally on sale. 

The cabinets arrived via a subcontracted carrier who was sweat enough to deliver the cabinets into our Dinning Room (going over and beyond what his contract required).  We were pleased to find no damage and all cabinets that we ordered accounted for.  Now onto the task of assembling, modifying and installing the cabinets…look out for a potential “guest” post from H.